Wells Specialty Pharmacy – Personalized Service to Fit Your Office and Patient Needs

Be Confident

Wells Specialty Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy providing both specialty and maintenance medications available at our retail location in Winter Park, Florida or by mail to most states in the U.S.  Specialty medications include those for ophthalmology, dermatology, gastroenterology, and Hepatitis C.

First and foremost, we will always fulfill your orders by providing the brand or generic medications you have prescribed for your patients.

We know that Physicians have many options when it comes to selecting a pharmacy to provide medications for their patients for chronic conditions, illness, and before, during, and after surgery. Wells Specialty Pharmacy is built on the belief that being easy to do business with is key to physician office satisfaction. That is why we provide everything from real-time pricing on medications to patient updates to a dedicated team of Account Managers who make sure you and your patients have what they need, when they need it.


Our pharmacists know your practice, the doctor’s prescribing regime, your staff, and the needs of your patients. We pay attention to the details.

Our team of pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and Patient Care Members take the time to become familiar with you, your office team, and your patients. From practice hours and protocols to post-op instructions, we have everything on file and ready to reference. We combine attention to detail with technology to support and streamline our communication with you and your patients, including:

  • Orders your way: Call, fax, or escribe
  • Dedicated phone line just for physicians: 407-915-3360
  • Our team will handle the Prior Authorization process for you
  • Major insurance plans accepted
  • Dispensing reports available to you upon request
  • We will notify your office when a patient cannot be reached by our pharmacy to fill their prescription

Caring for your patients

It’s an honor to take care of your patients, and we do everything we can to make the experience fast and easy:

  • Friendly Patient Care Members and pharmacists who are ready to answer any questions your patients may have and who can be accessed by calling or using our online live chat feature
  • Work diligently to find patients the best price, and if that means transferring the prescription to another pharmacy, we’ll do that too
  • Utilize free medication programs

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To most states in the US

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