History, and Future of Wells Specialty Pharmacy

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Our goal is to keep your patients on the prescribed medication at the best possible price

Wells Specialty Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy providing both specialty and maintenance medications available at our retail location in Winter Park, Florida or by mail to most states in the U.S. Specialty medications include those for ophthalmology, dermatology, gastroenterology, and HepC. The company works with patients, prescribers, insurers, hospitals, and surgical centers to provide a coordinated service and patient satisfaction.

Wells Specialty Pharmacy is the newest addition to the Wells family of pharmacies. In early 2016, Wells Specialty Pharmacy acquired Pharm-EZ and Xubex Pharmacy. With the acquisition came a talented and dedicated team, vast experience working with manufacturer rebate and coupon programs, and an outstanding level of customer service and care that ensures patients pay the best possible price available.

Our Mission

Wells Specialty Pharmacy respects the choice of our prescribers, and our goal is to keep your patients on the prescribed medication at the best possible price.

Medication Offerings

Brand & Generic Medications

We work closely with manufacturers and wholesalers to carry and fill the prescriptions written by physicians at competitive prices. Whether Brand Name or Generic equivalents, we source only FDA-approved products from Nationally reputable suppliers. We take pride in our products and stand behind their quality.

Service Area

Today, Wells Specialty Pharmacy serves thousands of prescribers and patients across the country. The corporate offices and pharmacy are both located in Winter Park, Florida. There is also a retail pharmacy located in Winter Park so that patients may come in to pick up their order, or they can have it shipped to them anywhere within our service area.

For more information or for questions, please contact us.

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