The Wells Specialty Pharmacy management team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in driving exceptional experiences and service.

  • Chad Tomlinson

    VP of Operations

    Chad Tomlinson has built his career on driving company growth and success through strong leadership, strategic planning, and bringing new ideas to fruition. He is adept at cultivating strong teams and ensuring business operations are aligned to create exceptional customer experiences. He joined Pharm-EZ Medical in 2013 as Chief Operating Officer after running his own business, Tomlinson Investments, for five years. His wealth of experience spans healthcare, hospitality, and consumer products and services. Prior experience includes marketing, sales, operations, training, and consulting.

  • NyKeia Florence

    Operations Manager

    NyKeia Florence has been managing call center operations at Wells for the past five years. She ensures that all patient and physician questions and concerns are answered efficiently and accurately. She is an integral part of customer service and strives to provide personal care and attention to each customer call.

  • Tracey Cardone

    Pharmacy Manager

    Tracey Cardone has more than 25 years of experience as a pharmacist working in hospital, home infusion, medication therapy management (MTM), and retail care pharmacy environments.  She joined Pharm-EZ Pharmacy in 2011 to help launch the retail specialty pharmacy focusing on ophthalmology and diabetic patients. Cardone verifies that all pharmacy services align with industry best practices as well as state and federal regulations. She creates streamlined operations and engages in training and professional development of pharmacy staff to provide outstanding customer service. She is well-versed in working directly with patients and providers to promote better health through education and medication management.

  • Heidi Walters

    Sales Manager

    Heidi Walters has more than 10 years of progressive experience in sales and marketing for the healthcare industry. She works closely with physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and medical practices to improve access to prescriptions for patients at the best possible price. She joined Pharm-EZ Medical in 2012 and has been an integral part of developing sales messaging and expanding market reach. Walters has eight years of previous experience working in the ophthalmology sector.